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The Society can receive donations in the form of cheques, credit cards (VISA or MasterCard) and marketable securities.

Credit card Using PayPal
Credit Card Using Canada
Donate through United Way
Mail a Cheque
Donate Marketable Securities


By Credit Card Through PayPal:

You can donate directly to the Society on-line using PayPal or Credit Card. Donations received through PayPal will receive a tax receipt directly from the Society. (PayPal has also offered the Society a discounted fee so your donation goes just a little bit farther.)


By Credit Card Through

You can use! CanadaHelps is a non-profit organization that will enable you to donate to the Society. Your tax receipt will come directly from them and they charge the Society a fee comparable to credit card companies. If you wish to remain anonymous, this is a great option!

Donate Now Through


Donations Through United Way:

If you donate to the United Way already, you can also designate a donation to be made to GGHG Cavalry and Historical Society! Many United Way locations in Canada provide a Donor Choice option that allows you to designate your donation to us. Our charitable registration number is 82594 0281 RR0001.


Mail a Cheque:

Cheques payable to “GGHG Society” can be mailed to:

The GGHG Cavalry & Historical Society
c/o 242 Surgeoner Crescent
Newmarket, Ontario L3X 2L3


Marketable Securities:

With current tax laws, it makes more sense to donate securities that have appreciated in value than donating cash of an equivalent amount.

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Bequests are gifts made through your will. Planned today, a bequest is not paid to The GGHG Cavalry and Historical Society Inc. after your death. You can give a specific sum of money, or a percentage of your estate.



By carefully planning your bequest, you can eliminate all the taxes payable on death. Your executor can claim bequests equal to 100% of the income on your final two tax returns.

To make a bequest, please speak to your lawyer about drafting or revising your will.

The following is a sample wording that could be included in your will:

“To pay the sum of * ($*) Dollars to The GGHG Cavalry and Historical Society Inc. in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario (the “Charity”). I direct that the person who professes to be the treasurer or such other proper officer for the time being of the Charity shall be a sufficient discharge to my Estate Trustee for such gift”.