Mt. Sorrel Dedication

In June 2017, marking one hundred years from the date the Regiment first experienced combat in World War 1, the Regiment returned to the hallowed ground that marked the Battle of Mt Sorrel. At the dedication ceremony that included surrounding residents, local officials, part of the serving regiment and members of the regimental family, the Governor General’s Horse Guards laid a memorial on the very ground that the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles held 100 years prior.


At the Battle of Mt Sorrel, that lasted from 2 June to 14 June 1916, of the 22 officers and 680 men of the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles who had gone into the trenches, only three officers and 73 men answered the rollcall after the first day of the battle. Many were later decorated for bravery but it was dreadful toll for the Regiment’s first taste of battle in the War.

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