How to Join the Cavalry Squadron

Cavalry Squadron riders come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and locations. The Squadron is made up evenly of both male and female riders and is equally split between active Reserve soldiers and Civilian volunteers. Squadron riders come from all over the GTA (Toronto) and from well beyond.

If you have riding riding experience:

2 Troop is the Squadron’s training troop. New riders join 2 Troop to learn the basics of military formations, drill, weapons-handling and military etiquette.

You may qualify to join 2 Troop if you:

  • Can walk, trot and canter
  • Post on the correct diagonal, canter on the correct lead
  • Have an independent seat and quiet hands

The 2 Troop training cycle takes in new riders every Fall (September-October) and the training programme lasts for approximately 9 months of weekly sessions. If there are 5 or more new riders waiting for an induction, a second stream may be started.

Contact the Recruiting NCO for more information.

If you have limited (or no) riding experience:

The Squadron can make arrangements to assist you in finding novice riding lessons designed to teach you the basics you need to join the Cavalry Squadron. (The average rider who practices diligently for an hour a week usually takes 6 to 9 months to qualify to join the Squadron).

If you have your own horse that you want to introduce to Military riding:

Almost half of the Squadron riders use their own horses, and we are always looking for new horses and riders. Horses need to be a solid colour, either chestnut or dark bay and stand at least 15.2HH.

Riders must first complete their 2 Troop training on a trained horse before introducing their mount to riding with the Squadron.

Please contact the Recruiting NCO for more information.