Somme Campaign Dedication


In May 2017, the Regiment returned to the small village of Courcelette, France and the surrounding Flanders’s Fields. At the dedication ceremony that included surrounding residents, local officials, part of the serving regiment and members of the regimental family, the Governor General’s Horse Guards laid a memorial in the town square of Courcelette. The Somme memorial captured the various battles that the 4th CMR and 3rd Bn fought in during their 30 days in the Somme campaign; these included the Battle of Pozieres, Battle of Flers-Courcelette and the Battle of Ancre Heights.


The entire Somme Campaign lasted from 1 July to 18 November 1916 and cost the allied forces a horrendous loss of over 1 million killed, wounded or missing. The participation of the Canadian Corps in this campaign lasted little over 30 days during September and October 1916. Both the 4th CMR and 3rd Bn experienced dreadful losses and were ultimately withdrawn from the line and later moved to Vimy Ridge.

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