North-West Canada


In July 2013, a small element of the Regiment returned to the City of Humbolt, Saskatchewan and the site of the historic Fort Denison. During the 1885 Uprising of Louis Reil and the Metis, Colonel Denison and the Governor General’s Body Guards were dispatched to secure the lines that were supplying the government forces in the area and established Fort Denison just outside the original Humbolt settlement. Our current day, serving soldiers, after traversing the historic path on horseback that was taken by the GGBG participated with City officials and residents in the initial opening of restoration project of the Humbolt Settlement and Fort Denison. In recognition of the tie between the current Governor General’s Horse Guards and the City of Humbolt, the regimental flag continues to fly over the historic Ft Denison site.

In the summer of 2017, the Regiment is expected to return to Humbolt and participate in the City’s 150 Year Canada celebrations which will include the dedication of the formal “Northwest Canada” memorial for the Regiment.

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